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Want to try vegan? Not sure where to start?

Sign up now for 10 Weeks to Vegan with Vegan Outreach, the free guided challenge that will make your transition to veg eating a little easier and a lot more fun!

Each week you’ll receive an email full of tips and resources to help you make the switch to eating vegan. You’ll also be invited to join our 10 Weeks to Vegan Facebook group—a welcoming community dedicated to participants of this program.

With 10 Weeks to Vegan, you’ll get:

  • Easy and filling vegan recipes
  • Helpful hints we wish we knew when we went vegan!
  • Nutrition info you can trust—from a Registered Dietitian
  • Much more!

Enjoy vegan versions of your favorite comfort foods.

Swapping out non-vegan foods with vegan versions may seem overwhelming at first, but we promise the process gets easier with time. You’ll become familiar with what food products are vegan and which ones aren’t, and you’ll figure out what brands you like best through trial and error.


Vegan Outreach

Brother & Sister Team

Even if you don’t live in Minneapolis you can take advantage of this all-vegan butcher shop as they have an online menu. The Herbivorous Butcher, super small-batch ALL VEGAN meat-free meats and cheese-free cheeses made with local ingredients and prepared by a brother and sister team.

How to Find Them

Give it a shot!