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President’s Message

Their lives are in our hands.  We are their guardians. We are their voice. Speak up and be heard.

During the past few years at Giant Steps Foundation, we’ve taken a series of steps to position ourselves to achieve greater impact and be more proactive in our grant making. We continue to evaluate our program focus to be sure that our philanthropy has the depth needed to help organizations achieve their goals. Through developing strategic initiatives and entering into collaborations with other funders GSF is unleashing the strength of the many in order to affect lasting change.

We are in the midst of accelerated change in the health and well-being of animals, humans and the environment upon which we all depend.  I am inspired by our grantees, who are truly on the frontlines, sometimes at great personal expense.

At Giant Steps Foundation we promise to speak for those who either cannot speak or are not heard. We will continue to push for openness, to embrace new ideas and possibilities, and to encourage all those who we support or are connected to us to do the same.

With kindness,

Jennifer Leeds, President
Giant Steps Foundation