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Saving Farmed Animals

Promoting a Plant-Based Diet

Protecting farmed animals is GSF’s core focus because of the sheer enormity and scale of the number of animals affected by the current industry’s inhumane practices.

GSF does our part to end the suffering endured by farmed animals by promoting plant-based diets. GSF also provides funding to programs that promote the humane care of farmed animals, shed light on current factory farming practices, and educate the public about the benefits of eliminating meat and dairy from our diets.

By adopting a healthier and more humane diet of plant-based foods, we can make a huge difference. Just one person can save between 50 and 75 animals (land and aquatic) by eliminating meat for one day per week for one year.* Imagine if a whole nation did that!

If you are a current grantee, be sure to inquire about our Greening Grants which help underwrite the costs for vegan catering at fundraisers and galas. Serving delicious, tasty, healthy food to guests is a great introduction to the benefits of plant-based meals and spreads the word about reducing meat and dairy consumption. A 300-person event can spare approximately 90 animal lives in just one night by serving tasty, healthy vegan meals.

GSF believes that all animal welfare and environmental organizations should adopt more humane menus and policies to align with their missions and ethics. Having plant-based policies is something GSF considers prior to funding our grantees.

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