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Defending Wild Animals

Threatened Species

There are two species whose plight has captured the attention of Giant Steps Foundation: the American wild horse and the harp seal. The iconic American Wild Horse is caught in the middle of a political and economic battle, and they are losing. Not only are wild horses forced into inhumane holding pens after being cruelly rounded up but they have also been subject to barbaric birth control methods. All of this brutal treatment comes at the costs of unaware taxpayers. GSF wants to find a permanent solution that allows mustangs to roam wild, save taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, and keep public lands healthy.

The Harp Seal is the target of an annual mass, horrific, commercial slaughter off the eastern coast of Canada each year. The efforts of many nonprofits have cut those numbers from the hundreds of thousands to the thousands in the last 30 years. GSF believes it should end. Barbaric and dangerous hunting by non-indigenous people is for naught as the markets for seal products are non-existent. We hope the Canadian government will use its subsidies for more humane markets and outlaw the slaughter forever rather than a market that endangers the lives of its citizens and massacres defenseless animals.

Supported Grantees that Save Wild Horses

Chilly Pepper

Miracle Mustang