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Saving Farmed Animals

Defending Wild Animals

Protecting Rescued Animals

Grant Making Process

To bring about the types of changes that will help animals and people live healthier and happier lives, GSF seeks to understand the world’s inequities. We listen and learn so we can identify pressing problems that put animals’ lives at risk. Then we consider whether we can make a meaningful difference with our influence and our investments.

Once we commit to an area of need, we collaborate with grantees to identify solutions and goals. Together we move forward on a path to achieve them.

The issues we engage in share the characteristics of being deeply rooted in human behaviors which are dynamic and complex. None of the areas we fund will be solved easily and quickly, and none will be solved through our efforts alone. Therefore, we emphasize collaboration and compromise with all stakeholders that join with us in taking risks, pushing for new solutions, and harnessing the transformative power of kindness, understanding, and cooperation. We strive to engage with our grantees and partners in a spirit of trust, open communication, and transparency.

How We Make Funding Decisions

Giant Steps Foundation (GSF) is a small foundation and has a focused and individual “hands-on” approach to grantmaking with many of our grantees. Therefore, we made a conscious decision to not accept unsolicited proposals; instead, we choose organizations that best match our interests and values.

Within each focus area, GSF develops a budget and allocates resources within that budget. Through GSF’s network, we learn about and identify potential projects and organizations that may fit with our interests and budget. We then reach out to learn more. If—based on the sharing of information about both organizations’ values and missions—the project appears to match our funding priorities, GSF may ask a nonprofit to submit a formal grant proposal and budget. During the application process, we collaborate on acceptable goals that meet our mutual definition of success to create a positive impact.

Unfortunately, the invitation to submit a formal grant proposal does not guarantee funding. There are so many worthwhile issues and dedicated people working to solve them that GSF cannot fund every proposal.

Because we can’t possibly know of every creative and beneficial solution to end suffering, GSF is open to inquiries through our website. First, please review our values and focus areas to understand if the organization is compatible with the Foundation. If after reviewing these items, you feel there is an opportunity for partnership, send a brief inquiry through our website. The email should succinctly describe the organization and the proposed project, briefly explain its relevance to a particular GSF funding area or initiative and specify how the program will help to solve a certain issue.