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Our Values

Kindness and Compassion

The values of kindness and compassion are at the very core of our work. For us, this includes demonstrating concern and respect for all living beings. We live by these values at GSF, and it is important to us that our grantees not only share these values, but that they embody them.

Some examples of how grantees may express compassion and humanity include eliminating all animal-based foods from any events, having staffing programs that are diverse and inclusive, adopting environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives, and showing courtesy to other organizations and people regardless of their viewpoints.


Collaboration is teamwork at a higher level. At GSF we believe that more heads are better than fewer, and that we are more creative and successful when we include ideas from people with different cultures and backgrounds. We live this value at GSF by fostering open communication and listening to the voices of our grantees, our advisors, various consultants, and members of our extended community.

Because of this strong-held belief, we ask our grantees to share with us how they collaborate with others, both those that are in alignment with their views and those that are not.

Diversity & Inclusion

Ethical Stewardship

Transparent and ethical governance is not only a legal requirement but is a foundation for potential GSF support of groups who are striving to create a kinder, gentler, and healthier world for all living creatures. It is the principled and honest actions behind meeting these legal obligations and stewarding a nonprofit that are of utmost importance to GSF.

It is critical to GSF that our grantees are adhering to the highest standards of law, and that non-profit boards of directors understand and hold to their fiduciary, moral, and ethical responsibilities. For our grantees, this must include articles of incorporation, by-laws, policies including human resources policies, board processes, and compliance with financial governance as directed by the IRS.


We simply cannot do without hope. Hope in our future, in our community, and in our beliefs. Having hope, being positive, and taking the time to create joy leads not only to better overall health—physical and psychological—it helps to reduce staff and volunteer burnout and turnover, and it also helps to create fuel for work that is truly visionary. When we possess hope, we begin to develop a passion that leads to love—and love never fails. Hope is a prodigious power that allows us to continue forging forward even when we must contend with some of the serious and detrimental issues we face.