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Protecting Rescued Animals

Dual Benefit

GSF invests in nonprofit programs that benefit both animals and people in need. Such programs use rescued animals to aid people with physical or mental challenges, give comfort to inmates while they learn about training and caring for animals, and help search disaster areas to find survivors. There are many variations of these programs and sometimes we wonder Who’s Helping Whom in these scenarios? If a nonprofit is already using or willing to work toward using 100% rescues then Giant Steps Foundation may consider an investment.

Further to our Who’s Helping Whom focus area, GSF provides support to nonprofits that offer animal assistance to low-income families with furry family members. Our hope is that we can keep families together rather than having an animal surrendered to shelters because the cost of vet care, food, or basic needs can’t be met. Surrender is traumatic for the animal and for the people who love them—and can be avoided by providing financial assistance if needed. We continue to provide support to a few rescue organizations to help them make a difference by finding forever homes for our furry friends.

Supported Programs for Rescued Animals

Who’s Helping Whom Programs

Animal Assistance Programs