Saving Farmed Animals

Defending Wild Animals

Protecting Rescued Animals

Create a
and healthier
world for all
living creatures.


When animals and people are provided with opportunities to flourish amazing things happen. When we care for others and the world around us, we contribute to a sustainable future. This is why Giant Steps Foundation collaborates with organizations in the animal welfare, environment and health and human services. The issues we engage in may seem disparate, but they share the characteristics of being deeply rooted in powerlessness and inequality. Together, we believe we can make a meaningful difference with our influence and our investments.

In all focus areas, we provide project support, general operating funds and grants for capital improvements. If you have already received support from Giant Steps Foundation, you may also apply for Greening Grants, which help underwrite the costs of event catering to go vegan.

Giant Steps Foundation has no geographical limitations. We provide funding to organizations whose projects make a significant impact in the area in which they work whether that be in United State, Canada or Kenya.

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